We offer steel tornado shelters in sizes from 4'x4' that will hold up to three people. Jumbo units are available that are 8'x42' that can hold up to 63  people.  These units are available in fully welded construction or in a bolt-together style for placement in existing homes or business.

The tornado shelters are secured with heavy-duty concrete anchors.

Each shelter has two vents with welded covers for fresh air flow and to reduce the build up of air pressure.

Knowing that a tornado shelter or safe room is available for you, your loved ones, and family pets, gives peace of mind that you will appreciate every day. Although protection of human life from severe weather and criminals is our main objective, it is not the only benefit.  The security of these units make them ideal for storing valuable items, guns, or fire proof file cabinets that may resist fire, but cannot stand up to tornadic winds.
Bolt together unit that can be placed anywhere in the house including basements.
Greeensburg, Kansas received national news coverage when an EF-5 tornado devastated the entire town of 1600 residents.  Missouri Storm Shelters, Inc., the leading safe room manufacturer in the United States, was selected to provide the Greensburg, Kansas school system and hospital tornado safe rooms.  The shelters were 8'x12' jumbos, each capable of holding 25 students, made of all steel construction.